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Software Framework: CodeIgniter,

PHP version: PHP 7.x

JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL,

IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome


1. Upload zipped file to your server directory and unzip there.
2. Create a database.
3. Go to the Database file application/config/database.php and fill up with your database details.

$db['default']['hostname'] = 'Host Name';
$db['default']['username'] = 'Database Username';
$db['default']['password'] = 'Password';
$db['default']['database'] = 'Database Name';
4. Import the sql file into your database from the Database folder.
5. Upload the .htaccess file from htaccess folder into the server directory.

Its Done !!!!!

Default Login Details:

Role Username Password
Superadmin 12345
Admin 12345
Doctor 12345
Patient 12345
Nurse 12345
Pharmacist 12345
Accountant 12345
Laboratorist 12345
Receptionist 12345

Software Overview

This system is a complete multiple Hospital Management System. Every essential part of a hospital is included in the system. Different user group can access this system.

Admin can see others activities. Doctor can take control of patient information. Other groups like nurse, accountant, receptionist, pharmacist and laboratorist has their own window from where they can control and work.

Appoinment, schedule module help both doctor and patient to manage their appoinment information.

There is a notice where admin will post notices and other groups will see those notices on his/her wall

Admin can send sms and bulk email to other groups from this system to notify them about other activities.

This system contains a POS which help to management invoice and remove any kind of calculation error.

This software is built on CodeIgniter. This is a web software. So,you can run it online. Also you can run locally in you computer or LAN through local server software like XAMPP or WAMP server.


In this system there are modules like Doctor, Patient, Human Resource Management, Lab Report, SMS, Email, Report, Donor, Pharmacy, Appoinment, Schedule, Settings, Profile etc.

Super Admin Dashboard

Super Admin can create hospital and can deactive hospital.

Super Admin can create packages for hospitals.

Anyuser from the website can request for hospital entry. User will give all the informations and super admin will see that request and he can approve the request and can active that hospital.


Departments is a modules through which user can create and store all the department names and their descriptions.

User also can edit and delete departments and their descriptions.

steps: Go to "Departments" at Side menu. It will display department list.

To create a new department click on "Add New" button at the left top. A form will appear. Fill the form and submit.


After user enter into an specific hospital a user friendly dashboard will help users to know about all the activities at a glance.


Doctor's name can be listed in Doctor module.

New doctors can be created by clicking on 'add new' button.


Patient's name can be listed in Patient module.

From Patient's name table individual patient information can be edited, patient history can be seen and payment can be done.

From the payment option of the patient information of a specific patient can be seen.

From the case manager option a patient case can be added.

New patients can be created by clicking on 'add new' button.

There is also patient payment option.


From here doctor can set their schedule according to weekdays and holidays according to year.


Get appointment of a doctor for current date or future date.

Human Resources

Human resources comprise with four different modules

Those are:

  • Nurse,
  • Pharmacist,
  • Laboratorist,
  • Accountant,
  • Receptionist.

Financial Activities

Financial activities module manage all the financial transaction and reports of the hospital. User can create payments, invoices & expenses.

1. Create all the payment types from Financial Activities --> payment categories at side menu.
2. Click Financial Activities --> Add Payment.
3. Select patient.
4. Select doctor if the patient is reffered by someone.
5. Select payment procedures.
6. Submit.

If the payment is successful it will redirect to the invoice.
You can print the invoice by clicking 'print' button.

Users also can entry expenses.

1. Go to Financial Activities --> Expense category.
2. Create Expense categories by clicking "Add New" Button.
3. Go to Financial Activities --> Add Expense.
4. Select your expense category and enter the amount.

User can see the date-to date financial report. Go to 'financial report' from the sidemenu.
By default it will show all the financial report dated from the begining to present.
User can select date to date from above fields.
If user want to see the today's report. Select both the field today.


List of Medicine:
Click "Medicine List" at the side menu.It will display List of medicines.

Add New Medicine:
Click "add new" button at the left top. A form will appear. Fill up the form and submit.
Or, click "Add Medicine" button at sidemenu Medicine->Add New Medicine.

Medicine can be edited and deleted.

Pharmacy Module

Pharmacy Module take control of a whole pharmacy.

Different options of this module give you full freedom to organize the pharmacy and


List of donor can be added.

Click "Donor" at the side menu.Click 'add new' button at the left top.

A form will appear. Fill up the form and submit.


User can mange beds through this module.

1. First create bed categories from "Bed Categories" at menu.
2. Then Add bed from "Add Bed".
Users also can manage bed allotments through this module

1. Check the available beds from "Beds".
2. Go to "Add Allotment".
3. Select an available bed and alloted dates.
4. Submit.


From prescription module patient can view and download their prescription.

Doctors can view, edit and download prescriptions.

Lab Tests

Admin can send bulk email to individual employee or patient of his/her institution or organization.

Admin email settings can be changed. It must be the email from your server. Suppose you host the script in Then your admin email must be for sending the email properly

Payment Gateway

Two Payment gateways are implemented in the system. Paypal and Pay U Money.

For Pay U Money you have to enter Merchant Key and Salt.

For Paypal you have to enter API username, password and signature.


SMS can be sent through this application in SMS module.

For sending SMS user should have a ClickaTell account or MSG91 account.
Go To-> and create an account.
After login you will get an api id and api password.
Or Go To-> and create an account.
Get Auth Key and sender.

Then Go To Hospital Manager capplication.
Click SMS->sms settings.
Select clickatel or msg91. Submit the form with your details.

Now your SMS settings is configured.

Buy credit in clickatell or MSG91 and send SMS as much as you want.

For sending SMS, Go To SMS -> Send SMS
Select whom you want to send sms.
Write message and send.

Bulk Email

Admin can send bulk email to individual employee or patient of his/her institution or organization.

Admin email settings can be changed. It must be the email from your server. Suppose you host the script in Then your admin email must be for sending the email properly


Site Configuration Can be changed through this module.

Different types of settings can be managed.
1. Site Title.
2. Address.
3. Phone Number.
4. Email Address.
5. Currency.
6. Discount type. Either it will be flat or percentage.

There is also payment gateway settings including PayPal and Pay U Money.

Langauge can be also changed from Settings->Language. Different types of language can be set.


By default there are 6 different languages. You can also add a new language.

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
Procedures to add a new language:
1. Suppose you want to translate into Dutch.:
2. Copy all the files from application/language/english folder and paste into application/language/dutch folder. if there is already dutch folder, Otherwise create dutch folder then paste into it.

3. After that, Open application/language/dutch /system_syntax_lang.php file and translate all the text in the right side of every equation. Don't translate the left side. Translate only right side.
4. After that go to application/ modules/settings/views/language.php file and add a new option in the select field where option value attribute should be 'dutch '
5. Go to common/assests/Datatables/language folder Create a file dutch.json
6. Copy all the code from english.json and paste into dutch.json
7. Then translate necessary text into the dutch language. Here also remember not to translate the left side.
8. In right side dont translate the text with pre and post underscore ( _ ) text like _START_ , _TOTAL_, _MENU_ etc
8. Login to the software.
9. Go to settings->language
10. Select dutch
11. Submit

Database backup

You can backup your recent database and restore it for further usuage easily.


This is the complete website of the multi hospital from where user can login create Hospital subscription with card Payment and a overview of all packages consist of monthly and yearly subscription price.


This module is for salary generated for all employee month   year wise.


This module is for attendance check for employees with a check in and checkout facilities .


This module is for leave list such as half day leave, sick leave and many other more types of leave with multiple ,single day leaves facilities.


We don’t have any auto updater. But you can do that manually by following the steps below.

Replace old files by new files.

Create a new database.

Import new database file to that database.

Then open old database and new database in two different tabs in a browser.

Then compare those two databases and add necessary tables and fields to the old database.

That’s all. Please take necessary backup for files and database before going through this process.

Mobile Application

For purchasing the android application , Please contact with

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